Useful links to the world of archery.

Archery TV The official YouTube channel of  World Archery.


World Archery The international governing body for archery.


ArcheryGB The governing body for archery in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


S.C.A.S. The umbrella organisation for archery in the Southern Counties


Surrey County Archery Association.


Bow International A popular archery magazine


Handicap Calculator Find the handicap of a round with this easy to use calculator


Archers Reference Handy guide to archery


Tournament Diary A handy guide to what tournaments are on throughout the year, hosted by Brighton Bowmen.


A selection of archery shops:

Quicks A local archery shop, near to Hampton Court.

Carol Archery Local supplier of longbows and accessories, in Stoke D'Abernon.


Chiltern Archery 



A collection of videos by Alistair Whittingham on bow set-up or shooting technique: YouTube