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29/08/16 Moleympics

On Monday 29th August the inaugural Moleympics took place down at the St. Martins Shooting field. It was held in celebration of the archery team competition at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Six teams of 2 or 3 archers shot a preliminary round over 3 doz arrows at 30 metres on an 80 cm face. Each team was then allocated a handicap, based upon their score, for the following head-to-head round robin. This allowed teams of differing ability and bow styles to be mixed together and compete on even terms.

Old hands as well as new archers, young and old took to the field. After a smooth preliminary round, the teams adjourned for a well-earned picnic and an Olympic themed quiz put together by Louise. Lunch consumed, all the archers were given a crash course in team head-to-head shooting by James, ably assisted by Paul D. The rules and techniques left a lot of confused faces, but after one end of practice, everyone seemed to get into the swing of things and the competition went ahead in earnest. The head-to-head was run as a league and thanks to a leader board updated after each round, the competition was fierce.

In the end, after shooting superbly during the matches, the winning team was Mimi, Matt, and Paul D. In second place were Diane, Mark L and John, with Jenny and Ian in third. Afterwards, everyone stopped for a calming cup of tea with Olympic medal biscuits from Jenny and a rich cake from Yvette. Well done all, and hopefully we will run the competition next year, with a suitable 2017 theme!


20/09/15 The High Weald World Archery 1440

The High Weald Archery Club is a small club based not far from Royal Tunbridge Wells in East Sussex. Their ground is small and sheltered, making for a relaxed and friendly shoot. It is the first year that they have held a WA 1440 competition and luckily picked a glorious end of summers' day to hold it. The weather could not have been much better!

James and Louise took part and both had a good shoot. Louise won the ladies competition with a score of 1226 (only 16 points off Grand Master Bowman). Although only 4 women recurve shot, it was a very high standard field, with the top three scoring Master Bowmen scores. James came 3rd in the gents with a score of 1171. This was only 19 points off MB. The gents winning score was 1268, a very comfortable GMB! This is a shoot well worth adding to our calendar of regulars!

31/08/15 The Acorn, Guildford Archery Club

The Acorn is a friendly shoot hosted by Guildford Archery Club on the late bank holiday in August. And true to a British bank holiday, the weather was miserable. But despite this, Mole Valley's hardy contingent all turned out and shot for the entire day. Along with competing regulars James and Louise were old hands Paul D and Mark L, as well as competitions first timers Greg and Cameron. And a special mention to Ian who came in full MVB regalia to support!

Without planning it beforehand we all wore our club tops and matching black waterproof trousers, which makes for great coordination in the picture below. And the picture also show the haul we took at the end. The results can be downloaded from Guildfords website but here is a summary:

Louise came second in the ladies and the gents were as follows, James (1st), Cameron (7th), Paul (15th), Greg (16th) and Mark (26th). Louise and James won the married couples trophy and best of all MVB took the team trophy by a rather comfortable 101 points! Both Cameron and Greg shot personal bests to boot. Considering this was the first time that MVB fielded a full team, it was a great haul, and hopefully we can go to a few more competitions and repeat the success! Pictures of the shooting on the day and the team with their takings are below.


29/08/2015 Container Painting

You may have seen that the container has taken on a grey lustre the last couple of weeks. It has been in the process of having a spruce up. The old paint was beginning to look somewhat patchy and it was in need of a make over. Last Saturday it got just that! The pictures show the team hard at work painting the new finish on and the bottom one shows them enjoying a well earned cuppa with the new look container resplendent in its green glory!

09/08/2015 New County Record 

At the Surrey Bowmen vs MVB friendly match, Louise was clearly having a good day. She shot 824 on a Western, beating her own club record by 18 points and the County of Surrey Archery Association record by 2 points. That record has stood since 1982! All of the county records can be found on the CSAA website. (Although, at time of writing, Louise still needs to submit her score!)

09/08/2015 Surrey Friendly Match, Surrey

This is the second in the three friendly competitions that Mole Valley take part in each year. This time round Surrey Bowmen hosted at their ground at Epsom race course and put on a fine tea afterwards. The competition is a very relaxed affair with only members from the two clubs taking part and an excellent introduction to competitive archery. The round was a Western and the teams are chosen on the day depending on who turns up.

This year's match was contested by 4 recurves: MVB fielded a much larger team, but as Surrey could only field 4 recurves, it set the team size. MVB put forward a very strong team and took the competition with a score of 2882 to Surrey's 2358. Well, that was the result as announced, for we quickly realised that some of our scores were missing and the team total should have been 152 more at 3034!

The results can be downloaded here.

The MVB team at the Surrey Match.

08/08/2015 Ind Coope Team Match, Biggin Hill

We first heard about this shoot on the Brighten Bowmen competition list (a very handy reference!). It is a team shoot, which is unusual for archery in that the team is nominated before shooting takes place. Usually the team is made up of the highest scores on the day.

The Ind Coope is hosted by Leaves Green Bowmen on their own field down near Biggin Hill. The round is a Long National. Paul D, Louise and James went down to take part for the first time as a Mole Valley team. It was a very friendly shoot shot under a very hot sun! To add to the excitement we were all treated to a fly over by not one but to second world war planes: a Hurricane and a Spitfire!

The team shot very well, coming second in the recurve division, behind Darenteford, with a score of 1532 to the winners 1555. Louise won the ladies recurve with a score of 548. The results can be downloaded here.


Paul, Louise & James at the Ind Coope competition.

01/08/2015 SCAS Intercounties, Oxford

Louise was chosen this year to represent Surrey at the Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) intercounty champs held at Oxford Archers ground. It is an invite only shoot with the best archers in each of the major categories invited to represent their respective counties. Recurve, compound, longbow and barebow are represented. The SCAS region encompasses all of the south eastern counties loosely bordered by Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Norfolk.

The results from the shoot can be found here, but Louise managed an excellent 3rd in the ladies recurve section with a score of 1183 on the ladies WA1440 round. There is also a team managers report on the County of Surrey Archery Association page.

25/07/2015 Andover WA1440, Andover

Each year Andover Archers hold a double WA1440 round over a late weekend in July. This year Louise and James went to take part. The weather was very windy making for extremely challenging shooting conditions with archers having to aim at the edge, or off the boss entirely, to get anywhere close to the gold. Needless to say Saturday was not a very high scoring round! But Louise managed a very creditable 1182 and coming 1st by one point in an unusually tight ladies competition. James was less thrilled, coming slightly further down the list and scoring 1042 on the gents round.

The weather forecast for the Sunday was for more wind with the addition of heavy rain. So discretion being the better part of valour and both archers had a leisurely breakfast and a day off!

The results can be viewed on the Andover Archers website.

19/07/2015 Three Way Friendly, Mole Valley

This is the first of three friendly matches between MVB, Surrey Bowmen and Malden Bowmen. They are very relaxed competitions followed by a tea (the best bit, of course). The first one is hosted by us at St Martins. The round was a Western.

The weather was nice and warm, but with a slightly tricky breeze, just to keep things interesting. With some very good shooting MVB took both competitions be a comfortable lead. Why both competitions?! Well, we actually shot two competitions, one against Surrey Bowmen and one against Malden Bowmen. It just happens that we're all on the field together!

The competition against Surrey comprised 4 recurves and MVB won with 3064 points to 2698. The competitions against Malden comprised 5 recurves and MVB won 3792 points to 3337.

05/07/2015 Ted Macdonald Shoot, Mole Valley

Every year MVB holds a handicap shoot followed by tea (long time readers of this news section may by now notice a theme when it comes to shooting and eating!). The Ted MacDonald is handicapped so that any club member can shoot any round and be compared to all the other members. A handicap shoot basically gives full credit to those who shoot well against their standard up to that point. With some very good shooting all round the results were as follows:

1st Catherine du Preez with an adjusted score of 1673 (i.e. well above her handicap, well done!).

2nd Greg Francis with 1532.

3rd Joe Barnes with 1528.

And special mention to Albert Gorazzio, Mark Leddin abd Bob Barley who both shot above their handicaps.

The full results (adjusted and otherwise) can be downloaded here.



The Wand

The Wand Shoot is a Mole Valley Bowmen staple in our calendar and has been running for well over 20 years as an open shoot now.  Numbers attending have fluctuated over the last few years but this year saw a great turn out with over 40 archers shooting for the first time in a while with most of the field belonging the 'bent stick' brigade.  As always there a few regular faces who often turn up year after year and consistently fail to hit the Wand, but credit for trying!  We are proud to be only one of about three Wand shoots being held across the south of England and this year we attracted some newcomers from as far away as Norfolk (Fakenham Bowmen) .  They came along to do something a bit different and went away with the team prize and other medals too.  Unlike the Shelia Brown the Wand is done and dusted in a few hours and the emphasis is on fun with this shoot and that is appreciated by all those who take part.  A lot of this comes down to the warmth and friendliness of the members of our club.  A big thanks to all who helped and well done to all those mad fools who shot it. 


Taking on the wand!

ArcheryGB Master's Tournament

Louise took part in ArcheryGB's Masters tournament on the weekend of the 6th June. It is an invitational shoot for archers who have achieved Master or Grand Master Bowman.

The weather was unusually nice for the Master's. Usually it is raining hard and cold, but this year it was only windy! Louise had a great competition coming 4th in the WA720, 3rd in the head to head knock out, both on Saturday, and then 3rd in the WA1440 on Sunday. The Masters uses a total accrued points system based upon position in each element of the competition to finalise the ranking. Louise's total of 10 points gave her third place. In a field that included the Olympian Naomi Folkard, that is some great shooting! There is also a southern vs northern counties team picked from the archers on the day and Louise made that one in the winning team.

The results can be found here within the ArcheryGB news article here

And here is a picture of Louise with her medal and the team trophy:


Young Farmers Cowpie Rally 

On Sunday 10th May was the annual Cowpie Country Show. The large show is organised by the Surrey Young Farmers and each year Mole Valley Bowmen run a have-a-go stand. The hardy band of volunteers all arrived in good time to set up the "field" and prepare for the day's fun and games with the show attendees. This year was a particularly good year! The weather was glorious, everybody was in a good mood, the takings were the best they have ever been and best of all we found all of the arrows!

As the takings from the day go towards the club coffers, it gives a good boost to funds and helps keep the membership fees down. A huge thank you to all who helped on the day. A picture of the happy helpers: 


CSAA Spring Longbow Meeting

John again represented the club at the County of Surrey Archery Association's Spring 2015 Longbow meeting on Saturday 2nd May. The weather was dry but the wind was a bit blustery. The organiser has said it was still, but he must have spent all day in the equipment container!

The round was a 2 way Western. John had his worst days shooting for a long time, scoring his worst ever score for this round. But like any good archer, he has his quiver of excuses ready: his bow failed on him and the new one is on order! Fully expecting to have come last he was pleasantly surprised to learn that he came 48th out of 52 overall, and 33rd out of 35 in the county. Hopefully things will improve at his next Longbow competition in July. 

Leaves Green 7th Hurricane Longbow Shoot

On Saturday 25th April, John once again waved the flag for the club at the Leaves Green Bowmen's Hurricane Longbow shoot. The weather didn't look to inviting but at Assembly the sun showed it's face, but by the start of shooting 10 minutes later it had disappeared and a horrible drizzle had started to fall, and kept coming and going until the lunch break then the sun came out again and stayed for the rest of the day. The round was a Western and John started well with a gold with his first arrow (yes he peaked early again) after that it didn't go quite so well, finishing with a score of 282. and came 20th out of 38. He didn't win anything on the raffle either so came away with just memories of that amazing first arrow.

Spring 2015 Beginners Course

First a big thank you to all of the members who helped out, making the course an enjoyable experience for everyone.
19 intrepid beginners arrived for the first session on what was a pleasant spring afternoon, and the initial feedback was that they all enjoyed themselves.
The second session which happened to clash with Mothers Day saw quite a few not make it, and 4
not returning with no reason given. We also had another fall by the wayside but this was due to injury and a clash of dates.
The final 2 sessions were similar with not everyone being there due to a variety of reasons, but 14 of the original 19 completed enough of the course to get their certificates.
The Fun Shoot for the beginners on Easter Monday had only 3 of them take part, maybe because it wasn't originally part of the course (it is now), but they did all win one of Ian's weird prizes.

Amazingly we obviously did something right as the course has gained us 9 new members, who want to enjoy this wonderful sport of archery.


Richmond Pagoda

On 12th April, James and Louise took part in Richmond Archery Club's Pagoda shoot (so named as it's in sight of the pagoda at Kew Gardens!). The round is an Albion or Windsor, depending on how far you want to shoot and a great opportunity to dust off the cobwebs after the indoor season. The conditions were very breezy with the wind gusting and switching direction constantly, making for tricky shooting. Both James and Louise came away with silver medals in the gents and ladies recurve, scoring 792 and 747 respectively after a hard fought 9 doz arrows.

The results are on the Richmond Archery club website.

Outdoor Season Summary

The summary of the 2014 outdoor season is available here. It shows how club members handicaps have changed over the 12 months from 1st Jan to 31st Dec 2014. If you would like more information on what it all means, please ask Louise when you next see her on the field.

Birthday Shoot

Another year, another birthday shoot. The club celebrated it's 41st year on 16th March, 2015. Cameron won outright with a score of 478, narrowly beating James on golds. James won the FITA 22.5 with a score of 108, Louise the FITA 18 on 108, Mark P the Portsmouth on 110, Mark L the 3 spot on 93 and Ian the Worcester with 52. A full breakdown of the scores is shown below. Well done to all who took part!


National Rankings

Archery GB run a national ranking scheme each year. Anyone can enter as long as they shoot the apporopriate rounds: a minimum of 2 World Archery 1440 rounds and 3 World Archery 70m rounds. The scores of each archer are added up and the total used as the basis of the ranking. More information on the national rankings can be found on the Archery GB website here.

Last year, Louise shot well enough to be ranked 28th in the country. Well done! The full rankings list can be found here.

Intercounty Match Results

The Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) intercounties was shot on the 7th September 2014. It involves up to 14 counties from the South East who compete in teams of recurve, compound, barebow and longbow. The top archers in each of the disciplines are invited to take part by each of the county organising committees. The archers from Surrey are chosen from the county rankings, which can be found here. If you would like to know more about how the Surrey rankings work, have a chat with Louise.

This year Surrey came 6th in the recurve, 7th in the compound, 2nd in the barebow, 2nd in the longbow and 2nd in the junior recurve. Louise from Mole Valley was in the Surrey team and came 3rd in the ladies competition with a score of 1186 for a ladies FITA, narrowly missing out on second by only 1 point!

A full break down of the results can be found here.

Intercounty Matches

Louise has been picked for the Surrey county team for the upcoming SCAS intercounty match to be held at Tolworth on the 7th September.

Both Louise and James also shot in a three-way friendly match between Surrey, Kent and Middlesex on the 24th August. Surrey had a very good day winning each of the compound, recurve, barebow, junior and overall team competitions. The only one they did not win was the longbow, but even then Surrey still managed to come second. A report, photos and results can be found here.


The Guildford Acorn

Louise and James took part in Guildford Archers' 60th Birthday Acorn shoot, held in Normandy on the 25th August. Unusually everyone shoots a Hereford, normally a distance shot by ladies and not gents. It was a very rainy day (all day), but that did not stop nearly all of the archers who entered from turning up! A surprising number even stuck it out to the bitter end. Mole Valley had a good day with Louise winning the ladies competition with a score of 1101. James came 4th with 1093 and they both won the married couples trophy. More of the results can be found here and a good write up of the day can be found on the Guildford Archers' website here.


Birthday Shoot

The club celebrated its 40th birthday this year! And in true fashion the event was marked by everyone competing to win chocolate over a composite round of FITA 18, Worcester, Portsmouth, FITA 3 spot and FITA 22.5 faces (although that last one is not strictly a recognised round, and probably not 22.5 m!). There was some controversy on the night as the order of the targets was changed in a heinous break with tradition, but all seemed to go without hitch in the end. James won overall with a score of 499, Louise won the Portsmouth with 117, Paul D the Worcester with 55, Mark P the 3 spot with 102, David the FITA 22.5 with 105 and Ian the FITA 18 with 103. And a special mention should go to Terry who bravely decided to have his first go at scoring on this momentous occasion.


Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) Team Shoot

The SCAS indoor championships took place on the 2nd March in the K2 Centre, Crawley. It comprises two competitions, the first an individual competition shot on Portsmouth faces and the second a team shoot shot on FITA 18 faces. This year Mole Valley had one team (Louise Colville, Paul Day, Mark Peters and James Suckling). We shot a grand total of 209, which put us 5th overall (and the highest ranked club from Surrey). Louise shot 551 to be the highest ranked lady. As for the gents, James came 7th, Paul 18th and Mark 31st.

For the curious, the results can be found here on the SCAS Indoor Champs webpage.


Club Champs and AGM

The club champs were held on September 1st at St. Martins. The competition was shot as an American and a (newly invented) Short American, which gave everyone a chance to compete. The comp is also shot as a handicap round, allowing everyone to compete on the same footing. Rather than list all of the winners, the results can be downloaded here, but special mention must go to Joanna who managed to bag the yard long wooden spoon - well done!

The competition was followed by an excellent tea, to give us all the energy for the AGM (the minutes for which can be found in the committee minutes page). This is also the time for Paul G to announce the awards from the summer and previous winter competitions. Again, rather than list all of the results, they can be downloaded here. The AGM marks the end of outdoor shooting (give or take a week!). The Winter Shooting program can be downloaded here or from the home page. See you all indoors!


Inter Club Friendly Match @ Surrey Bowmen

This was the second of the inter-club friendly matches. MVB went to shoot with Surrey Bowmen at their Epsom downs outdoor range. Their range an interesting one, tucked between the stables/dormitories and the paddock! This competition was only between the two clubs, as there is not enough space to fit in Malden as well. The round was a Western, the same as the inter-club match hosted at our very own MVB field, and we fielded a team of 10 archers.

It was a successful shoot for MVB, as we won by a comfortable margin. The team score is made from the total of the points scored by the same number of like archers (e.g recurve male/female). MVB scored a grand total of 4443 to Surrey's 3763. Surrey were not content with this and tried to add two compound archers to their team, adding only two extra recurve archers to MVB's team. Compound bows being more accurate, it should have tipped the scales in favour of Surrey. But unfortunately for them, MVB still won with a total score of 5786 to Surrey's 5307! Special note should go to Gary Harder from Surrey, who managed an individual score of 830 out of 864. This is only 2 handicap points off a Grand Master Bowman score - not bad! If anyone would like more information on the final shoot against Malden later this year, Mark Leddin is the man to ask.


Inter Club Friendly Match @ Mole Valley

Each year there are three friendly matches between Mole Valley, Malden and Surrey Bowmen. Each club takes a turn to host one shoot and provide some tea for afterwards (the best part of course!). Mole Valley hosted the first shoot on Sunday 21st July. The shoot was well attended with about 30 archers from all three clubs. The rounds shot were Westerns, which are 8 dozen arrows, with 4 dozen shot at two distances. The distance depends on the age/experience of the archer. Mole Valley had a particularly successful day with both the top ladies and gents scores and also beating both Malden and Surrey in the team competition. In the match against Malden, MVB shot 3943 to Malden's 3237 (a difference of 706 points!). In the match against Surrey, MVB shot 2807 to Surrey's 2263 (a difference of 544 points). So both pretty comprehensive.

It is worth explaining the different MVB team scores. As the match is a very relaxed affair, the teams are made up from the number of like archers that overlap between the clubs. For example, the same number of ladies recurves or gents recurves. The teams are only decided on the day. There is no pressure to perform, only to enjoy the day and eat tea afterwards! It is also a good opportunity to meet archers from other clubs. If you would like to have a go at shooting a round outside of Mole Valley, the next two matches are: 4th August at Malden and the 11th August at Malden. If you would like any further information, Mark Leddin or any of the committee will be able to help.


Surrey Archery Association County and EAF Championships

The weekend of the 13th/14th July saw two competitions shot at the University of Kingston sports field near Tolworth. The English Archery Federation champs were held on the Saturday, and these are contested by anyone who is a member of an archery club in England. The Surrey County Champs were shot on the Sunday and are, of course, contested by anyone who is a member of a club in Surrey.

Mole Valley had four archers enter, Louise Colville, Amy Fisher, David Barnes and James Suckling. Louise had a good weekend, winning both the EAF and Surrey champs in the ladies competition! Mole Valley came second in the team competition (comprising all four of us who shot). Amy placed 8th out of the Surrey ladies. Finally, James was 2nd and David 4th in the Surrey gents competition. So a good haul all round!

The Surrey champs should be held roughly the same time next year, so if anyone would like to shoot, any of the experienced members in the club would be able to advise! 


Sheila Brown Shoot

On the 30th June Mole Valley hosted one of its two major tournaments, the Sheila Brown. This is a record status shoot with 12 dozen Imperial rounds shot (the rounds are Yorks, Herefords and Bristols). This years was very successful, despite the scorching heat (and if you were shooting that day, the annoying crosswind!). Set-up and pack down was done in very good time and the day itself went smoothly. This would not be possible without the help of MVB members, so a big thanks for all those who helped! Paul G will be on the scout for more hands next year too!

Megan Donohoe flew the flag for Mole Valley shooting in the Bristol V. She shot a score of 1066, getting her first Junior Master Bowmen score. Well done Megan! Of course, the shoot is open to other members of Mole Valley, so if you have not shot a competition before and want a friendly introduction to competing, this would be a very good place to start! Look out for the entry forms next year.


Ted Macdonald Memorial Shoot

The Ted Macdonald Memorial shoot is the annual club summer competition and BBQ. It is a handicap shoot which allows club members to shoot different rounds, but still compete against every one else. Shooting a massive 105 points above her handicap, Megan Donohoe wins with an adjusted score of 1626. (A round shot at handicap level scores 1440). Valiantly second was Simon Willard on 1459, with Ian Stewart third on 1436. Well done to all who competed. The full results can be downloaded here.


Club Championships 2012 & Awards

The club champs were held on Sept 2nd and contested over a FITA 900 with handicap and non-handicap competition. The summer weather held off long enough for us to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon tea in peace! To relive the occasion the results can be downloaded below.

Club Champs 2012 Results

The club awards were also handed out at the same time. These include the winners of the outdoor rounds (Western, National and Short Metric), the classification achievement, the handicap improver, indoor competitions (Portsmouth, FITA 18, Frostbite, FITA 25) and a roundup of the postal leagues. The results can be downloaded from the link below. Well done to everyone who won something! To enter these competitions, simply shoot a score on the relevant day in the shooting program (found on the Shooting Program page) and submit the score to Paul G (Records Officer).

 Club Awards 2012


Club Championships 2010

A lower than expected turn out at this years Club Champs did not stop an enjoyable day being had, and for two people the day will be remembered for two different reasons. Richard " I don't drink or eat" White went home happy with a new county record, and Mark "I've broken another one" Peters went home less than happy with some additions for his collection of broken bow bits. He has now broken 5 bows and can now be officially classed as "dangerous".

Club Champs 2010 results


30th Sheila Brown Anniversary badges

We have a few of these left, so if you would like one to grace your quiver let Paul Day know - £1 each. A bargain!

Cow Pie Rally

As most of you are aware, we run a have a go  stall at the Cowpie rally each year in May, so please come along and help, if only for an hour as the more helpers the less strain on the rest. This is a big money maker for the club and this all helps to keep club subs low.


Contact Details

Should you change your contact details can you please email the changes to John Wright ( who will then be able to update your records accordingly. This will help no end in club admin. Thanks.